Brian Eno and David Byrne

Author: Colin | Published: 21/1/09

I um’ed and ah’ed about whether or not to buy the special edition of this release. On the one hand, it seemed to make for ideal material for the site, on the other the reviews sounded unpromising and $69.99 seemed/seems like a lot of money. In the end I bought the regular edition for my partner for Christmas. My first listen made me think I probably made the right choice, but I’ve been known to be wrong about first impressions all too frequently. Anyway, the nice people at Creative Review have posted some pics, a few of which I’ve nicked for your edification below. I’m not overwhelmed by the design, despite it being by Stefan Sagmeister. It looks kitsch and all the extra elements suggest some kind of toy or game, which may be the point. Anyway, here are the pics, what do you think?




Everything That Happens website
Creative Review post with more images
Sagmeister Inc.


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