Planned new section: The Designers

Author: Colin | Published: 1/2/09

Dear Reader,

We mentioned we were planning a few small changes to the site. The first and possibly biggest is that we want to make Hard Format more of a reference website that acknowledges some of the masters/interesting figures. Here’s our provisional list:

Susan Archie (Revenant, Dust to Digital)
Barney Bubbles (Stiff, etc)
Olaf Bender (Raster Noton)
Stanley Donwood (Radiohead, 666 Records)
ECM (Barbara Wojirsch, Dieter Rehm and Sascha Kleis)
Brian Eno
Tina Frank
Kim Hiorthoy (Rune Grammofon, Smalltown Supersound)
Julian House (Ghost Box, Intro)
Hypgnosis (Led Zep, Pink Floyd, etc)
Non Format
Malcolm Garrett
Reid Miles (Blue Note)
Russell Mills
Vaughan Oliver (4AD)
Jamie Reid (Sex Pistols)
Peter Saville (Factory)
Alex Steinweiss (first record designer)
The Designers Republic (Warp)
Noel Waggener (Revenant, Ghost Box)
Andy Warhol
Jon Wozencroft (Touch)

So far, the honourable John Coulthart has kindly agreed to let us republish his excellent post about Barney Bubbles. I’m hopeful that Vaughan Oliver will contribute text and images. Jim Jupp (Ghost Box) and Rune Kristoffersen (Rune Grammofon) kindly agreed to pass on my request to Julian House and Kim Hiorthoy respectively. So far, perhaps unsurprisingly, we’ve heard nothing from them or from Raster Noton to our two enquiries so far.

It’s going to be a challenge to source images and text so if you’re interested in contributing, please let us know. Likewise please get in touch if you think we’ve missed anyone significant. I think to get going, we’ll try to accumulate small images and basic details of as much of each designer’s work as possible.

Any help, suggestions, advice or just plain goodwill much appreciated!