Sinistri – Timing The 183k Pulse

Author: Colin | Published: 14/3/09





Artist: Sinistri
Title: Timing The 183k Pulse
Label: Utech Records
Year: 2005
Designer: Unspecified
Type of music: Improv meets the ghost of rock meets the spirit of blues
Notes: This is clearly a budget sleeve, the card casing generic with the grey sticker used to tailor the packaging to Sinistri’s needs. All the same, I really like the texture of the card, the fact that there’s a little seal that must be broken to access the CD, the rubber-stamped limited edition number on the outside and the record label’s name on the inside of the gatefold. That beetle on the back is lovely too, I wasn’t sure whether that was a Sinistri mark or not, but looking at the record label’s website it looks like it’s theirs.


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