Beautiful Sleeparchive cover

Author: Colin | Published: 20/1/09

I’m a big Sleeparchive fan. This is the only CD he’s issued so far (it’s shared with one Antti Rannisto who I don’t know). Otherwise, Sleeparchive has so far been a purely vinyl project:

I saw a tiny thumbnail of the CD on Boomkat when it was released (note to that wonderful vendor – if you focused more on the visual you might improve sales!). Seeing it again on FFFFOUND! yesterday I was struck by its beauty. I wonder whether the CD as a whole will be as beautiful – I’d love it to be a digipak and am praying it’s not a jewel case. Well, I’ll found out soon as I’ve tracked down a copy on Discogs. If it’s good it’ll be a future post here – fingers crossed!


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