RSS/newsfeed added

Author: Colin | Published: 30/6/08

Hurray! I’ve been trying to figure this one out on and off for ages (I’m not exactly technically great), but you can now subscribe to Hard Format by RSS. If you’ve no idea what RSS – also known as a newsfeed – is, this from the BBC’s guide might enlighten you:

In a world heaving under the virtual weight of billions of web pages, keeping up with websites can be a chore. RSS feeds let you keep up to date with the latest info on all your favourite sites without having to take the trouble to visit them. In effect, bits of their sites come to you instead.

The rest of their guide can be found here. I’d recommend Google Reader, it’s what I use.

You can always find the link to our feed in the sidebar of every page or you can just click the link below:

Subscribe now!


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