Smashing Pumpkins – The Aeroplane Flies High

Author: justin | Published: 24/7/08

Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins
Title: The Aeroplane Flies High
Label: Virgin Records America
Year: 1996
Designer: tbc
Type of music: Alternative Rock
Notes: A personal favourite of mine, both design and music. This is a boxset compiling the five singles from ‘Mellon Collie’. Originally a ‘limited’ run of 200,000 (those were the days) that saw a wider repress due to demand. I remember paying through the nose for my copy from the original run, only to see loads of reprints appear in local record shops weeks later at a lower price.

Intended to mimic a 45 singles record box from the 60’s if I’m not mistaken. The blotches you can see in the photos are patches of mould – it doesn’t appear to be aging too well 12 years on.


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