Raster Noton shop/exhibition

Author: Colin | Published: 28/5/09


Heh, how frustrating can you get? Seen on Disquiet:

A record shop that doesn’t sell records. Instead, it’s an art installation. From the press release:

For The Shop, the archives of the Chemnitz-based Raster Noton label will be presented at e-flux in the form of a record shop, albeit one without a commercial component. Comprised of publications (featuring Raster Noton’s distinct approach to graphic design), music CD’s (to be displayed as physical objects), and sound (for listening on mp3 players), the Raster Noton archive will offer a panoramic view of the label’s output of nearly 100 releases, or 90 hours of audio material. Bender and Nicolai’s installation White Line Light will provide lighting for The Shop via a handmade, neon gas-filled tube that reacts to Raster Noton compositions.

Raster Noton / e-flux.


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