Mas Y Mas “Proud Sponsors of Pepsi” LP (PlayLab)

Author: Colin | Published: 24/8/09


This kind of scares me, because of that it gets a mention here:

Mas Y Mas is a strange group of people from Virginia Beach, Virginia. To embody that, we found an anonymous human body, painted their butt cheeks red, white and blue, and signed each cheek with the word “Mas.” The crack of the butt is the “Y,” and when you put two copies together, this will become apparent. Inside of the record sleeve is a poster of the anonymous body on the ground, surrounded by the paint that we used. We’re selling the release on the Sound/Friends website. Please support if you can, as the money goes straight into putting out the next band’s record.

Link with more images: PlayLab / Spielb├╝ro.


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