Where did we go?

Author: admin | Published: 22/4/08

Hardformat is back, sort of. For anyone wondering where we went, my host (and ex-employer) decided to delete the database for the site with no warning. I’m not entirely sure if the act of deletion was malice or stupidity, but either way I didn’t have a backup to hand, and things looked fairly grim.

Thankfully all of the images were safe, and so here we are on a new (hopefully more professional!) host with as much data manually retrieved from archive.org as possible. Over the next week or so I will be relinking all of the releases on the front page – so please bear with me whilst I put it all back together, and work out how to force WordPress to do what I want it to do.

A big thankyou to anyone who commented on the posts, sadly all of those comments are gone but not forgotten. Also anyone who contributed photos if you could resend your information so we can credit you for your work that would be great.

On the plus side; inspired by the number of emails we recieved containing interesting snippets of design info we now have this news blog to cover anything outside the realm of the photographed releases.



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