Trash Humpers

Author: Colin | Published: 11/7/10

The Guardian observes that the limited edition soundtrack to Harmony Korine’s new film is:

“… a 7in record packaged in a brown paper bag, decorated with pen drawings of what schoolboys might once have known as a “bus-stop willy”, and featuring one-of-a-kind daubings of fluids that may or may not include ketchup, blood and excrement. And the music is just as palatable, a handful of brief song-sketches, lullabies and field recordings, among them a bluesy number called You Girls Juss Suck Large Fat Penis, and a bizarre song in which a man with a high voice sings of wiping “somebody’s gumbo from my eyes”.

Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers soundtrack is a load of rubbish (The Guardian)
Trash Humpers website


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