Another expensive, limited edition handmade by specially-trained squirrels

Author: Colin | Published: 26/7/10

Okay, I made the last bit up…

The Creative Review blog recently published details of a limited edition version of Peter Gabriel’s latest album, Scratch My Back. A snip at $299. It looks lovely and I haven’t seen the album itself, but I can’t help but suspect it’s not a patch on the likes of Peter Gabriel 3 or 4… This gives me the chance to mention that we got referenced in the latest edition of Eye magazine:

Hardformat’s Buttimer regrets the way the pricey special edition ‘militates against the industrialised democracy of popular music, the idea that one can own an original piece of art at an affordable price.’

(It’s funny to see yourself referenced by surname like that…)

Hard Format in Eye magazine
Lots of details and more pics of the Peter Gabriel box at Creative Review
– see also Big Box Sets, previously on Hard Format.


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