Congotronics deluxe box

Author: Colin | Published: 8/8/10

£99.99 gets you:

- Konono No 1: “Congotronics 1″ (1x vinyl LP)
- “Congotronics 2 (1x vinyl LP)
- Kasai Allstars: “In The 7th Moon” (1x vinyl LP)
- Staff Benda Bilili : “Très Très Fort” (1x vinyl LP)
- The brand-new Konono No 1: “Assume Crash Position” (2x vinyl LP)
- Specially-designed book featuring photography from Kinshasa,Congo.
- Customized USB pen drive containing 9 videos, and mp3s (in 320 kbps) of all 5 albums.
- a 7″ with 2 exclusive tracks

Each vinyl LP (180 gr) comes in an original sleeve, and an inner sleeve of a different colour, reproducing the Congotronics fabric on the box (with a design resembling that of the fabrics used for dresses & robes in the Congo, based on the Congotronics logo).


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