Jed Davis – Yuppie Exodus From Dumbo

Author: Colin | Published: 7/8/10

Artist Jed Davis
Title Yuppie Exodus From Dumbo
Label Moulded by the Vulcan Cylinder Record Company
Year 2010
Designer Label illustration by Michael Doret
Music Spirited popular songcraft
Desktop Download image
Notes It’s a modern day wax cylinder. Irresistible. Originally spotted on Retro Thing. Sadly I don’t have the requisite hardware, but the purchase comes with two MP3 versions of Jed Davis’ celebration of yuppie foreclosure: the song in hi-fidelity and a version recorded direct from the cylinder. It sounds appropriately (and charmingly) thin and crackly.

It’s an edition of 50, available for purchase from the Jed Davis Song Foundry.

Here’s a pic of a cylinder player for your edification, courtesy of the Cedar Store staff blog:


  1. You also might want to look into the work of Chris Butler (ex-Waitresses) – he’s also a great interview. He produced some 7-inch singles about a decade ago, each recorded on various archaic tech – wax Edison cylinder, wire recorder, etc., with nicely printed covers. – CB also released “the world’s longest song” , 69 minutes or so, on CD.

    Comment by Dano — November 23, 2010 @ 5:41 pm
  2. Thanks Dano, I’ll look him up.

    Comment by Colin — November 24, 2010 @ 12:42 am


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