Primal Scream – Beautiful Future, special edition

Author: Colin | Published: 11/8/08

Limited edition box set, including:

  1. Beautiful Future, over two super-heavyweight vinyl LPs.
  2. Exclusive Andrew Weatherall 12” remix of ‘Uptown’.
  3. 12-page fully illustrated booklet.
  4. Exclusive, ltd edition Beautiful Future cinematic poster.
  5. Credit panel, foil blocked on red, mirrored paper.

£50… £50? Too much for me, even with the Julian House artwork.

Update: One of the aspects about music design I’ve always loved is its democratic distribution – for a relatively small amount of money you can own your very own artwork, but with this sort of release, it’s getting pretty costly. I know it’s due to supply and demand, but I can’t help but think this trend for expensive, limited edition releases doesn’t sit well with me.

Link: Vinyl Factory page


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