Plant43 – Burning Decay

Author: Colin | Published: 20/11/10

Plant43 - Burning Decay

Plant43 - Burning Decay

Plant43 - Burning Decay

Plant43 - Burning Decay

Plant43 - Burning Decay

Artist Plant43
Title Burning Decay
Label Ai Records
Year 2010
Design Design: Jason Smith; photographs: Stanislav Markov
Music Techno
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Notes A lovely, minimal design courtesy of the ever-interesting Ai Records. No text to distract from the sombre images and, as Emile writes below, the transparent vinyl emphasises a chill undercurrent audible in the music.

Emile Facey (Plant43) writes:

When writing music I always have an image or scene in mind which is why I was so happy that Jason Smith at Ai Records was so willing to collaborate with me on the visual aspects of this release. I wanted to find images that encapsulated the tension I feel between the beauty of our natural environment, and my underlying concern for it. After a lot of searching I eventually stumbled across the photography of Moscow based Stanislav Markov (aka Garmonique) whose unique and powerful art spoke loudly to me on this subject.

Jason took these photographs and applied his design magic and a few weeks later we had our finished piece, which was really exciting. I particularly liked the font he used for the 12″ label artwork, it has very subtle hints of the Art Nouveau influenced logos created by graphic artist Roger Dean, who was a big influence on me as a teenager. His choice of clear vinyl seems to match perfectly with the icy feeling of the bleak landscapes in the photos.

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