ogurusu norihide – modern

Author: Colin | Published: 1/10/11

ogurusu norihide - modern

ogurusu norihide - modern

ogurusu norihide - modern

ogurusu norihide - modern

ogurusu norihide - modern

Artist Ogurusu Norihide
Title modern
Label Car Park
Year 2003
Design Not indicated
Music Essence of pop
Notes This is another example of minimal design in a small tradition that also includes Chain Reaction and Autechre’s LP5. It’s difficult to imagine how the design could be any more reduced than this without foregoing any form of text whatsoever. Everything is lower case except the ‘P’ of the Car Park logo.

The design perfectly fits Shinto priest Ogurusu Norihide’s music which removes pretty much everything extraneous to arrive at a sound like an essence, melodic and gently reflective.

Norihide recorded one album prior to this, Humour, but has not released anything since. Enough and no more.

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  1. great music, good to know you like it too!.
    try replacing the black part of the jewel case for a transparent one.
    i did it, and its design is beautifully enhanced by this simple move.

    Comment by ricardo — October 13, 2011 @ 6:26 pm
  2. Less is more obviously … Those two Norihide albums on Carpark are excellent indeed …

    Comment by GMA — October 21, 2011 @ 7:51 am


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