Hard Format is on hiatus

Author: Colin | Published: 30/11/11

If you’ve enjoyed the website, please accept my apologies. I’m in two minds whether to continue with the site or not. My reasons are as follows:

I still believe in the importance of physical media, even if it’s becoming a niche area. I’m not a big fan of the ever-growing number of expensive special editions. I think the work of Second Language and Kraftwerk best represent the twin poles of what I love about music design.

All of the above doesn’t mean that Hard Format is over. I’m still thinking about it. I  have a few more posts to publish. In the meantime, I suggest you follow the site on Twitter/RSS/Facebook so you’ll get a notification of new posts. You should also read DJ Food’s blog and { feuilleton }, both great resources for intelligent and passionate commentary on visual matters, frequently music-related.

Thank you for reading.


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