Bargains ahoy!

Author: Colin | Published: 31/10/08

ayler patton mute
There are some wonderful box sets currently on sale:

The two Revenants are £45 off list price and the Mute is reduced by £30. All are available at Boomkat and Cargo (the latter’s higher price is offset by free shipping). In case you’re wondering, we have no affiliation with them. The subject of our next post is the Ghost Box (which nearly brought tears to my eyes when I opened it) and some time in the near future we’ll cover the Mute box. The only reason I’m not doing the Charley Patton is that I already own the recordings in a cheaper box set – but I’m really tempted to buy the Revenant set anyway!

Update: Pay day came along and I sprang for the Patton box so there’ll be a post on it in the not too distant future…


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