Joy Division – She’s Lost Control/Atmosphere, New Order – Everythings Gone Green

Author: Colin | Published: 14/4/12

Artist 1-5: Joy Division; 6-8: New Order
Title 1-5: She’s Lost Control/Atmosphere; 6-8: Everythings Gone Green
Label 1-5: Factory; 6-8: Factory Benelux
Year 1-5: 1980; 6-8: 1981
Design Peter Saville; 1-5: photograph Charles Meecham
Music Joy Division, New Order
Notes One very well known design and one slightly less so. One with an apostrophe where it should be and one without. One with Ian Curtis, one without. Both produced by the late, great Martin Hannett and both designed by the still active Peter Saville, of whom you may have heard. Two gorgeous designs. One track I never warmed to (Atmosphere).
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