Hard Format is 5

Author: Colin | Published: 22/4/12

Lord, lord – this place is five years old. Not cat or dog years, I’ve been doing this for five human years. If you doubt it, check the date of this post. It’s a bit of a weird thing to be doing for that long. Time for a mini crisis? Ah, oh yes, I already had one of those recently – too soon to have another one. Should I have sourced an album cover with a 5 on it? What about stats? How many people, countries, comments, that sort of thing? To be honest, I’m not the sort of person who usually tells people about their birthday so this is an exception in itself and quite enough already.

If you want to do something for the site, you could email/tweet/tell someone about Hard Format who you think might not know about it. Thank you.

In the words of, er, Jim Morrison, the future’s uncertain and the end is always near so here’s to a post appearing next week ;-)

In the meantime, here’s a big 5: