Tyneham House

Author: Colin | Published: 6/5/12

Artist Tyneham House
Title Tyneham House
Label Second Language and Clay Pipe Music
Year 2012
Design Illustrations by Frances Castle
Music Wistful, gentle, sad
Notes As featured on Creative Review’s iPad app.

I read ‘The Village That Died For England: The Strange Story of Tyneham’ (Amazon link) many years ago. It’s a sad tale of the abuse of power by the British army on a small English village. Read more on Wikipiedia. It finds a slight echo in my own experience wherein the beautiful Yorkshire moor above my parent’s old house was peremptorily closed to public access without explanation and has stayed that way in all the years since.

The music here is reedy with the memory of lost summer days and distant tragedy and reminds me a little of Paul Giovanni’s wonderful soundtrack to The Wicker Man. The musicians have chosen to remain anonymous. The design is a typical delight courtesy of this joint venture between Second Language and Clay Pipe Music.

The original run is sold out, but there’s talk of a small reissue – keep an eye on the labels’ websites – don’t hesitate to snap up a copy if you can.

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