The Guardian reports: Digital music spending greater than sales of CDs and records for first time

Author: Colin | Published: 5/6/12

“BPI reveals that digital music accounted for 55.5% of total £155.8m music sales in the first quarter of 2012″

That’s a distinctly pivotal moment. It’s probably not exactly surprising given my role in publishing this site, but I can’t picture myself buying MP3s in preference to physical media. About the only time I’ve done that is with occasional singles which are otherwise only available on vinyl 12” that I’m not so bothered to own e.g. Burial EPs and T++ 12s from Boomkat come to mind.

Read the full article on The Guardian.


  1. It’s a ground breaking feat.

    Comment by Emmanson freeman — June 5, 2012 @ 11:12 am


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