The Heavy (NinjaTune), Amon Tobin (Big Dada)

Author: Colin | Published: 21/10/12

Artist 1-3: Amon Tobin; 4-10: The Heavy
Title 1-3: Stunt Rhythms; 4-10: The Glorious Dead
Label NinjaTune
Year 2012
Design 1-3: Inventory Studio, London; 4-10: unspecified
Music 1-3: Electronica; 4-10: Rock
Notes You may be wondering why these two releases are lumped together in one post. I wondered that myself and then realised they arrived in the same package which caused me to think they were in some other way associated. My mistake. Lots of lovely coloured vinyl here. The colours are stronger in the flesh. Big and bold is the order of the day for Amon Tobin’s latest which pretty much suits the music. Three heavyweight slabs of vinyl with a die-cut outer sleeve. Delicious. The Heavy arrive clad in a pizza box with a 60s/70s feel to the design that suits the music perfectly.