WOW, A Heavy Listening Experience by Carl Schilde

Author: Colin | Published: 16/12/12








Artist Carl Schilde
Title WOW, A Heavy Listening Experience
Label Heavy Listening
Year 2012
Design Carl SchildeTimm Knoerr
Music One frequency
Notes I’m a big fan of bass, whether it be King Tubby’s melodious lines, the bass drops of, say, Remarc or Omni Trio or the dark warmth of Shackleton. My deck isn’t working at the moment so I plugged in my Ultimate Ears Super-fi 5EBs (EB: Extended Bass) to listen and a smile appeared on my face. WOW distils all that bass down to a single frequency. Such a minimalist gesture will always provoke a range of reactions. I’m firmly in the positive camp – I’m very much attracted to the stripped-down as long as it’s conducted with appropriate rigour and this is.

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