Fania Records

Welcome to Colectivo Futuro who have been kind enough to compile this fine collection of Latin cover designs for our edification. Hard to choose a personal favourite, but it’s probably Colon/Miranda riding their tandem while sporting rather fine caps – either that or the scary looking Christopher Walken lookalike Hector Lavoe fixing you with his gaze or newly hatched from a large egg… Colectivo Futuro write:

For years Fania Records has been the go-to label for vintage Latin music lovers. The label, founded in 1964 by Jerry Masucci & Johnny Pacheco in New York, carried a very distinct sound and image through its peak years in the 70s and 80s. Whether it was thru illustration or photography, the covers would always call for attention either due to their chosen color palette or their gritty yet humorous photos. During said timeframe, the label would often recur to their most notorious designer, Izzy Sanabria, to perfectly plaster a record’s mood onto its accompanying cover. Additionally, there are further catalogue highlights designed by numerous collaborators, such as Ron Levine, Ely Besalel, Juan Alvarez, among others.

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