Kraftwerk – Pocket Calculator

Author: admin | Published: 30/5/07

Pocket Calculator

Pocket Calculator

Pocket Calculator

Artist: Kraftwerk
Single: Pocket Calculator
Label: EMI
Year: 1981
Designer: Unidentified
Type of music: Electronic pop
Notes: American promo. Kraftwerk are characterised by the uninformed as emotionless robots, but this is far from the truth as their taste for deadpan humour and playful design reveals.

Jazzanova – In Between

Author: admin | Published: 27/5/07
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jazzanova in between cover

jazzanova in between cover

jazzanova in between cover

jazzanova in between cover

jazzanova in between cover

Artist: Jazzanova
Album: In Between
Label: Jazzanova Compost Records

Designer: Jutojo (www.jutojo.de)
Type of music: Varied, high quality diet of various shades of club music (broken beat, breakbeat, hiphop, nu-soul, nu-jazz)
Notes: This is one of the most distinctive, might I say even downright weird CD sleeves I’m aware of.

Soul Jazz

Author: admin | Published: 24/5/07
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soul jazz 1

soul jazz 2

soul jazz 5

soul jazz 4

Artist: Various
Album: Studio One Soul
Label: Soul Jazz
Year: 1999

Designer: Adrian Self and Spikely Munche
Type of music: Reggae
Notes: Bold and beautiful – surely the motto on the door of the Soul Jazz design offices – means their sleeves rarely fail to delight.

Salif Keita – Mouffou

Author: admin | Published: 21/5/07
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Salif Keita front cover

Salif Keita back cover

Artist: Salif Keita
Album: Mouffou
Label: Universal Music
Year: 2002
Designer: Lucille Reyboz (photography), Jerome Witz (painting and design)

Type of music: Gorgeous Malian music from a world music superstar

Kornstad Wiik – Eight Tunes We Like

Author: Colin | Published: 20/5/07
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Kornstad Wiik cover Kornstad Wiik cover Artist: Kornstad Wiik Album: Eight Tunes We Like Label: Moserobie Year: tbc Designer: Hakon Kornstad Type of music: Jazz Notes:

Jim Black/Alasnoaxis – Splay

Author: admin | Published: 18/5/07
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Front cover

Inner 1

Inner 3

Inner 2

Artist: Jim Black/Alasnoaxis
Album: Splay

Label: Winter & Winter
Year: 2002
Designer: Yoshimoto Nara (artwork)
Type of music: Grunge jazz

Notes: Winter & Winter’s ’smartpac’ packaging is as distinctive as Rune Grammofon’s digipaks.

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