Martyn Bates – Your Jewled Footsteps

Author: admin | Published: 27/6/07

Martyn Bates 1

Martyn Bates 2

Martyn Bates 3

Martyn Bates 4

Artist: Martyn Bates
Album: Your Jewled Footsteps

Label: Sub Rosa
Year: 2006
Designer: Concept and photo by Dominique Goblet, design by Twin Peaks Mount, ‘musicians environment series, Nuneaton, May 2006′
Type of music: Folk, sort of
Notes: Putting aside the deliberately mis-spelled album title (which doesn’t sit well with me at all!), what fascinates about Your Jewled Footsteps is the domestic focus of the imagery. We’re privileged with a view into Bates’ ordinary, ’50s suburban semi. The heavy saturation of the colours, the rain, the oblique portraits and the focus upon light combine to create a subdued, but powerful setting for the singer’s impassioned music.

Suburb – The Record Label

Author: justin | Published: 24/6/07
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Suburb front

Suburb inside 1

Suburb closeup

Suburb inside 2

Artist: Various
Album: Sub001CD
Label: Suburb. The Record Label
Year: 2006
Designer: Build
Type of music: Electronic
Notes: Editon of 1000 copies in a custom-printed plastic sleeve, with the web address on one side and the SRL logo on the other.

Read a review of this release on themilkfactory.co.uk

Pan Sonic – Kesto (234.48:4)

Author: admin | Published: 20/6/07
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Kesto Box

Kesto Open Box

Kesto Covers 1

Kesto Covers 2

Artist: Pan Sonic
Album: Kesto (234.48:4)
Label: Blast First
Year: 2004

Designer: Bente Schipp, Pan Sonic. Photography: Anne Hämäläinen
Type of music: Musique concrète, noise, ambient, drone.

Food – Organic and GM

Author: admin | Published: 16/6/07
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Artist: Food
Album: Organic and GM
Label: Feral Music
Year: 2001
Designer: Dave McKean

Type of music: Anglo-Norwegian ambient/folk/jazz, sort of.
Notes: I do like these boxes, they’re so much more of an occasion than the standard jewel-case, opening it up is somehow a little event.

Evelina Domnitch + Dmitry Gelfand: Camera Lucida

Author: admin | Published: 12/6/07
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Camera Lucia Cover

Camera Lucia Details

Camera Lucida Disc

Artist: Evelina Domnitch + Dmitry Gelfand
Title: Camera Lucida
Label: LINE
Year: 2007
Designer: Update: Design: Richard Chartier Photography: Gelfand/Domnitch (Thanks Taylor)

Type of music: Ambient / noise
Notes: The fractal-like waves and shapes across the cover become more intriguing once you read the notes and realise they are generated by the music contained within – causing “…the formation and implosion of micro-bubbles that reach temperatures as high as are found in the sun” all of this in a mixture of 97% sulfuric acid doped with xenon gas, which had been ’sonicated’ – marvelous.

Click here to view a low quality extract hosted on the LINE website

Boards of Canada – Geogaddi

Author: admin | Published: 8/6/07
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Artist: Boards of Canada
Title: Geogaddi
Label: Warp
Year: 200

Designer: Marcus Eoin and Michael Sandison (front cover photo Iain Campbell)
Type of music: Electronic

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