Tomasz Stanko – Balladyna

Author: Colin | Published: 21/10/10

The integration of colour, image, type and layout sometimes results in something that is talismanic.
The wildness in Stanko’s sound on Balladyna also contributes to this.

Fuzzbook and Tweeter

Author: Colin | Published: 19/10/10
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I’ve lately heard murmurs through the fug of my local hostelry’s lounge bar of something called social networking. In my hopeful desire to see more visitors wipe their feet on Hard Format’s welcome mat, I have therefore engineered a dedicated Twitter account and an Official Facebook Page for your delectation and ongoing perusal. These are in addition to the already extant Hard Format RSS newsfeed. I trust one or more of these options will serve you well. If you wish to post individual items to your own streams, roll your cursor gently over the little ‘+’ sign below the title of each post and a plethora of different services will be revealed.

If there’s any way in which I may further assist you, please do get in touch.

Sufjan Stevens – Age of Adz

Author: Colin | Published: 19/10/10
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Age of Adz website

Solo Andata – Ritual

Author: Colin | Published: 18/10/10
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Edition of one. Now sold.

Art direction by Chris Koelle & J. Aaron Greene
All original artwork, layout, and design by Chris Koelle
Photographed by J. Aaron Greene

Desire Path Recordings

Vaughan Oliver

Author: Colin | Published: 17/10/10
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His Name Is Alive

It’s taken me far too long, but I’ve finally published a page on the work of Vaughan Oliver.

Pow Pow – Last Days On Earth

Author: Colin | Published: 16/10/10
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Pow Pow - Last Days On Earth

Pow Pow - Last Days On Earth

Pow Pow - Last Days On Earth

Pow Pow - Last Days On Earth

Pow Pow - Last Days On Earth

Pow Pow - Last Days On Earth

Artist Pow Pow
Title Last Days On Earth
Label Fysisk Format
Year 2010
Design Magnus Voll Matthiassen
Music Instrumental analogue synthpop
Desktop Download image
Notes This design is like a 50s day-glo take on Raster Noton with an extra helping of embossing. The neon green combined with the layered zigzags makes for buzzing eye syndrome. Not a bad thing at all. The sci-fi shades suit the anthemic music to a tee.

Will be released in November via Cargo

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