Tindersticks – Claire Denis Film Scores 1996-2009

Author: Colin | Published: 24/6/12

Artist Tindersticks
Title Claire Denis Film Scores 1996-2009
Label Constellation
Year 2010
Design tbc
Music Soundtrack
Notes I’m a huge fan of Tindersticks’ music and Claire Denis’ films so it’s a match made in heaven. If you’re unfamiliar with the likes of Beau Travail, Trouble Every Day or L’Intrus, well hurry along to Amazon or petition your local repertory cinema. L’Intrus to my mind is a particularly remarkably strange film. Tindersticks provide delightfully and perfectly judged accompaniments. This set is unassuming, but highly attractive. It’s a relatively rare example in my experience, of using packaging as a framing device. The only other example I’ve featured here on Hard Format is múm’s Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy.
Also Claire Denis

Sigur Rós: Ekki múkk

Author: Colin | Published: 21/6/12
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I don’t often (ever?) feature videos here on Hard Format. Here’s an exception.

If I were a rich man…

Author: Colin | Published: 19/6/12
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I’d build a big tall house with rooms by the dozen,
Right in the middle of the town.
A fine tin roof with real wooden floors below.
There would be one long staircase just going up,
And one even longer coming down,
And one more leading nowhere, just for show.

I’d fill my yard with chicks and turkeys and geese and ducks
For the town to see and hear.
And I’d buy me this Deluxe box set of 7 x 140g LPs with 24-page booklet. Edition limited to 1000 individually numbered copies

Already sold out at the mere snip of £109.99 at Boomkat

Amon Tobin – box set

Author: Colin | Published: 10/6/12
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Artist Amon Tobin
Label NinjaTune
Year 2012
Design Oscar & Ewan; packaging development: Think Tank Media
Music Electronic
Notes Boxset = 7xCD | 6×10″ vinyl | 2xDVD | 4xbolts, wingnuts and more. My arms ache a little just thinking about this one, not an object to stub your toe on either. Humour aside, this is an impressive physical object. Tobin’s exploration of the natural world via his ISAM project (reprised here) is echoed in the flowerpress compression of the card-enclosed media. Only a shadow of imagery on the outside, Tobin’s impressive visuals are found on the DVDs. As far as I can tell, this collection doesn’t actually have a name, contributing a little further to the design’s sense of statuesque silence. It’s a true cornucopia for the Tobin fan, as NinjaTune describes it:

Most of the material is unreleased, almost none of it has ever been available on a physical format before. It includes new music, unreleased dub plates and a wealth of archive material, Amon Tobin’s earliest audio experiments (never been played in public before), film and television score work, unreleased score work, deleted bootlegs, ISAM live show DVD, ISAM live audio album, remixes, cover versions and re-interpretations of the ISAM album, remixes Amon has produced for others, a recording of the (November 2010) Royal Albert Hall orchestrations of Amon Tobin and more…

The video below is well worth watching to get a sense of the intent of this thing. It’s a limited edition available to purchase from the NinjaTune website.

Also Isam, Control Over Nature

NMC Recordings: student project with Central Saint Martins

Author: Colin | Published: 7/6/12
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Here’s a heads up for a student/industry project that’s just reached fruition at my place of employment. I like the illustrations and would be interested to see the finished products with typography.

In December last year we briefed the BA (Hons) Graphic Design students on the project and what they needed to consider when creating a CD cover, and invited Huw Watkins, Dai Fujikura, Sam Hayden and Helen Grime to talk about their music and compositional process to help inspire their designs. The final designs for the 12 releases in this series were selected by a judging panel including composer Colin Matthews, designer Vaughan Oliver and Guardian/ BBC Radio 3 journalist Tom Service.

Read the full press release [PDF]

The Guardian reports: Digital music spending greater than sales of CDs and records for first time

Author: Colin | Published: 5/6/12
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“BPI reveals that digital music accounted for 55.5% of total £155.8m music sales in the first quarter of 2012″

That’s a distinctly pivotal moment. It’s probably not exactly surprising given my role in publishing this site, but I can’t picture myself buying MP3s in preference to physical media. About the only time I’ve done that is with occasional singles which are otherwise only available on vinyl 12” that I’m not so bothered to own e.g. Burial EPs and T++ 12s from Boomkat come to mind.

Read the full article on The Guardian.

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